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Top: Forever 21///Pants: H&M///Heels: Runway (Mia)

I cannot believe the weather this year! This is the first Christmas I have ever had that has not been at least 30 degrees! I am secretly loving it even though at our family Christmas party last night I was burning UP in my festive red sweater! hahah I got nail polish from my secret santa and painted all my little cousins nails and my friends :). I also played the boyfriend/girlfriend game. E and I WON! Our 6 year anniversary is in May....I didn't even realize it until last night...like woah!

Another reason I love this weather is because I can wear things that are more light weight. I got these sequin pants from H&M a while back. They were on sale for $15 and I had my eye on them for a while! I love them so much! They also look really good with a long sleeve sweater! I wore them to work this day with a big long sweater; barely any of the pants were showing. The comment I got from one guy "Do those kind of pants have a name?" My answer was "Nope, they are just sequin pants..." I didn't think he could handle culottes! LOL!!!!

I love the store Amazing Lace! I have only ordered from them once but they have some really cute stuff and get new arrivals all the time. I also have to say that their prices are a lot cheaper then some stores that have the same exact things. Check em out :) I really wanted this Christmas dress but I never ordered it :(.

Jesus is the only reason I celebrate this magical season!

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