New year, same girl

WOW. First post of 2016! Still feels weird to say that. I have been off the map a little enjoying time with family and catching up on some much needed napping :). I have listed some of my new years resolutions below. 2016 holds SO many unanswered plans for my future that I cannot wait to explore. It is also kind of scary, but I remember thinking it would take forever to get here and IM HERE! God has been with me EVERY SINGLE SECOND! I could not have made it without him and I have NO WORRIES knowing he will be by my side for every second of this wonderful new year!
I have to admit, my new years resolution last year was to do 25 push ups and I can do em! (on my knees) lololololol I went with a few more meaningful ones this year. 

Skirt: Forever 21/// Sweater: Forever 21/// Boots: ALDO

I love the over the knee boot trend right now. Last year I couldn't hardly find any and now they are everywhere! I saved up for two months and waited until black Friday to get these boots because I knew there would be some kind of promotion. I got them 40% off :D....The only thing I have to be careful of when wearing over the knee boots is not looking too "Pretty Woman" hahaha. I just saw that movie for the first time the other day and I said to my mom, "Okay, I can kind of see why older people may see over the knee boots as hooker boots"......
Moral of the story, (in my opinion) if you are looking to buy some make sure that the fabric is not cheap looking and the heel is not too high. Suede is always a great choice :) I put some below that I like! :)

Also check Windsor Store, Target, and ALDO's website for some I could not tag here!
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