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It was so rainy when I took these pictures that I am not sure how they even turned out decent. haha. I also promise that I smile a lot more than this!!! It was so cold and rainy but I think this jumpsuit looks good in a gray environment! I always have mixed emotions about jumpsuit and the hemline. I want to wear them with flats and heels!!! But if I alter them I don't like them to be too short when I wear heels. I know it is perfectly okay to wear heels with a jumpsuit and have shorter pants but I don't like it. That is my personal opinion! hahah BUT I am sure that if the jumpsuit was cute enough I would wear heels with it anyways!!

Jumpsuit: Forever 21/// Boots: Chinese Laundry/// Jewelry: Macys

Everyone should have at least 1 great fitting jumpsuit in their closet!! FIND ONE! Some of them fit really weird but it takes trying to find one. This jumpsuit is from Forever 21 BUT I normally don't like their jumpsuits. Why? Because they are always extremely long in the waist. If you look online, they are even long on some of the models. You can still find a good one from Forever 21 like I did but this was my, I think 5th try! Missguided has cute jumpsuits but they also tend to be tight for the size and long in the waist. I am basing this off of 1 jumpsuit I bought and a few rompers I have from there. SO, I posted some great jumpsuits below, AND some rompers because Spring is upon not really but too early is never a saying when talking about buying clothes. Am I right?
Everyone have a wonderful week! I will have a school update coming soon!

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