faux wrap skirt

This outfit was so comfortable and perfect for the day E and I had planned! We were running errands around town and wanted to look cute but be comfortable. I am always a fan of a white t-shirt as well. When I saw this white t-shirt with the strappy top I knew I needed it. It is at such a good price too so it was an easy decision. I plan on wearing the shirt a lot this summer and into the fall. I have not been out in the sun a lot yet so I kind of match the white t-shirt better than I would like to but I did get a spray tan after this so I am not as pasty now! hahah I will be posting all about spray tan procedure tomorrow because it is important to do certain things if you want it to look very natural.
There are a lot of trends going on in this outfit which I normally don't like but I think it works. The trends start with the topknot hairstyle, followed by the strappy t-shirt, with a faux tie waist skirt, and white tennies. I love all of these trends and I think these worked pretty good together :) I was very comfy and it was really hot out so I was very comfortable :D.

Top: Missguided /// Skirt: Missguided /// Tennies: Zara /// Necklace: Bloomingdales

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