Dietetic Internship Update 1

     As you all know, in April of this year I was accepted into Marshall University's Dietetic Internship. I haven't posted on it yet because I honestly had no idea what to expect (okay, I did a little bit but I was nervous). I just started week 5 of the internship and I am in my first Clinical rotation right now. 
I have already done a rotation with women, infants, and children (WIC). WIC is such a great program and if you want more information on it you can go here --> ....The thing that surprised me the most about WIC was how much juice some kids drink. I mean WAY more than a small child should have. 4-6 oz. per day is the recommendation but some kids were consuming nothing but juice. It is hard on their teeth because of all the sugar so everything in moderation! :)
Being in Clinical has been AMAZING so far! I love the fast paced clinical aspect of nutrition. I love talking with patients and trying to help them feel better and meet their needs. So far I have worked with a lot of congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients but tomorrow I am working more with diabetes patients. I love educating on diabetes so I am really looking forward to learning about it in the hospital setting.
One day a week I get to go to schools and teach 2nd graders about all the different food groups (each week is a different lesson/food group). Each lesson is 30 minutes long. These kids are so much fun but it is definitely tiring after an hour and a half of straight teaching kids (Bless teacher's hearts).

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