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Fabletics is such a great investment (no this is not a sponsored post..lol). My friend and I are kind of obsessed with Fabletics. We were talking about how workout clothes are so cute but when it comes to the actual workout your clothes have to be on point and comfortable or you cannot workout as hard as you could if your clothes fit really well. When you are on that last mile and you can feel every bone and muscle in your body but you have to keep going, you don't want to be tugging on your clothes or uncomfortable. Fabletics reminds me a lot of victorias secret sport as well.
Most of the time I have bought tights and a top from fabletics but this time I saw these pants and had to have them. Aren't they fun?

Top: Marshalls (old)/// Pants: Fabletics (I also bought the top to the outfit too)/// Sandals: YellowBox/// Necklace: Dana Rebecca Design via Bloomies

Track pants are making a comeback!! Track suits for that matter are coming back! I am still not sure how I feel about the velour track suits that are coming into stores right now but I love wide leg pants right now. These pants from Fabletics are great because I could wear them anywhere and I really could run in them. The fabric is so light and comfy. What I like most is the stripe on the side of the pants that make them sporty. I could wear flats with these to work with a black sweater and fit right in. Guys, find you some sporty pants that are comfortable and wear them with either flops, flats, or some super cute tennies!!

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