Pink tennies

I feel kind of bad because I have a lot of looks from summer that I have not posted yet! In my defense, the weather changes SO quick here that I go from wearing shorts and flip flops to jeans and boots. Then the next week I will be wearing shorts and it is just so confusing. So the next few posts you will be seeing that confusion in the weather. I will probably do a summer round up though and get them all in at once. (going to be lots of pics! LOL)

I also think it is harder to get ready when the seasons are changing. You have to wear so many layers because it is freezing in the morning and burning hot when I leave for work. I don't have much of a Fall wardrobe because I can't handle the cold. I go straight from shorts to a winter jacket....LOL Ask any of my family and friends and they will attest to this. You know those funny videos of couples who can never decide on the right temperature?? The girl is always cold and wants it fire hot until she has a hot flash and then it is freezing cold and they guy can't handle either temperature.....yup, that is me and E. We already decided that one day we will have one of those cars that has separate heating/cooling for each side of the car. Yup, for all those out there who are temperature challenged like me,  I feel for you..(:

Top: Missguided/// Shorts: GUESS/// Tennies: ZARA/// Necklace: Bloomingdales (Dana Rebecca)

I would feel like I was lying to you guys if I didn't tell you that the folder that these pictures were in was labeled "90's chick." I think it is the off the shoulder top and the choker but I just love this outfit. I felt so cute and sporty in it. You could slap on a pair of black skinny jeans with this and have the perfect transition outfit. I also normally would not have so many trends going on in one outfit but since these are minimal I thought it was cute! Guys, you all need some real cute tennies to get you through your sporty times this Fall/Winter. There are some AMAZING choices out there (these being my FAVE). I have listed my favorite places to get them below! Also, chokers are a MUST! Buy some now! I will link a bunch of my faves below. I recently bought a few from Missguided and also some from Target!

You HAVE to check out these places for the best sneaks in around ;)


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